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Safety First!

AJ Window Cleaners uses the latest technology, equipment and safety trained crews to provide crystal clean windows for your company.

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Water Fed Pole Work

The water fed pole is a state-of-the-art filtration system that turns tap water into a powerful cleaning agent, eliminating the need for soap or chemicals.

Pole Work

Ladders and poles are an important and versatile piece of equipment commonly used in commercial and residential window cleaning.


Ladders and poles are an important and versatile piece of equipment commonly used in commercial and residential window cleaning.

Aerial Lift

Certified: 2003

From 1 man upright to scissor lifts and boom lifts, from 40 to 125 feet these mechanical devices are great for reaching inaccessible areas. We inspect before each use.

Suspended Scaffold

Certified: 2001
AJ Window Cleaning, will provide transportable platforms in fixed length and modular systems.

Bosun Chair

"We know the ropes!"

Certified: 2003
Bosun’s chair with decent control is one of the most common types of equipment employed by the window cleaning trade.
buson chair in action 2A bosun's chair or boatswain's chair is a device used to suspend a person from a rope to perform work aloft. It is distinguished from a climbing harness by the inclusion of a more or less rigid seat, providing more comfort than even the best-padded straps for long-term use. In exchange, the bosun's chair does not allow the freedom of movement necessary for climbing, and the occupant is generally hoisted or lowered into place using the rope alone.
Some bosun's chairs consist of little more than a short plank and a suitable set of ropes to suspend it from; these are usually used with a separate harness in case the user should slip off the plank. Other bosun's chairs, particularly the type commonly carried on yachts for masthead repair, incorporate more straps so that the wearer cannot fall out, though they still include a rigid or semi-rigid seat.

Sail HistoryAs well as on ships and boats where they originated, bosun's chairs are also used for working at height on buildings and other structures. In commercial window cleaning, the term 'bosun's chair' is used for other devices suspended from rope and equipped with seatboards, such as controlled descent apparatus (CDAs). However, CDAs cannot be raised and lowered like a true bosun's chair, and can be used for descent only.

Roof Anchors

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American Anchor is dedicated to helping building owners, property managers, architects and contractors understand how to meet the fall protection requirements of Federal OSHA and ANSI. With more than 50 years experience in the window cleaning and building maintenance industries, our team of experts have exceptional ability with the design and installation of fall protection systems, which include adequate roof safety anchor points for suspended work.

american anchorFormed in 1995 by people dedicated to the safety of suspended access workers and the prevention of falls in the workplace. While working in the suspended access business as career window cleaners since 1975, Bob Zeolla and Stefan Bright were acutely aware of the hazards that were presented on a daily basis. Most buildings had little or no adequate anchorages and the rigging practices of the day offered little assurance against a catastrophic accident. In fact, window cleaners and exterior building maintenance workers around the country were being injured and even killed because of this problem, and the resulting lawsuits cost building owners millions of dollars.

A change for the better
As their extensive resumes show, Bob and Stefan became involved in the training and regulations to make a positive change. Eventually they put together a team of engineers, construction experts, and using the best resources available for products, American Anchor was formed. This original concern for workers has resulted in hundreds of buildings becoming safe for workers, the public, and owners.

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